Saturday, September 5, 2015

Earth Friendly Fashions, Anyone?

Despite the fashion world’s reputation of fickleness, would an article of clothing that last 30 years a more environmentally friendly option? 

By: Ringo Bones  

Fashion designer Tom Cridland of UK’s men’s wear brand known for luxury clothing had recently developed fashions and T-shirts that lasts at least 30 years. Article of clothing that lasts at least 30 years can be beneficial not only to customers and manufacturers but also to the environment as well because it won’t be ending up in the nearest municipal landfill in 6 months time says Cridland. In June 2015, he managed to raise 80,000 US dollars via the online crowd sourcing site Kickstarter to fund his newest line of environmentally friendly fashions. Cridland’s current celebrity clients include Daniel Craig – the current James Bond and singer / songwriter Elton John. Tom Cridland had been a fashion designer since he was 18. 

Cridland’s recent batches of environmentally friendly fashions are manufactured by traditional Portuguese tailors in which he ethically pays and he started his business via a government start-up loan. Cridland has been inspired by his long-lasting fashions after witnessing some Brits wearing anoraks that are more than 50-years-old due to their durability and best of all –they still look good. 

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